CarraFix was written in Cocoa and for Mac OS X in 2002, to improve the poor Internet browsing experience and slow download speeds caused by servers softwares on your machine or your network. And to accuratly control your uploads and downloads streams. It had then a tremendous success during the the 10.0 to 10.3 era.
CarraFix is a donateware (you *can* donate if you think this program worth it) created to fix network congestions, often caused by your servers or some P2P programs, on Mac OS X.
CarraFix brings features called "bandwidth throttling", "traffic shaping" and "Quality Of Service" to Mac OS X. These features are efficient ways to improve your connection throughput in both download and upload.

Carrafix History :

2.7 : (19 June 2003)
- Great performance increase : consumes much less CPU, in particular with User Interface
- New Preference added : the "Priority Step" to parameter the effect of priorities
- Fix a bug for slow client upload : their priorities is not set to the default priority but to the one choosed by the user.
- Added Direct Connect port and Fix Acquisition port number.
- Check for new version online if you allow it.
- New average calculation (mid term average, better to show tendencies since TCP is fluctuant).
- Fix a crash at launch.

2.6.1 : (17 April 2003)
- Fix the blocking and repetitive error "can't write to the divert socket...".
- Fix a bug where some ports could not be entered in the user interface.
- Fix of a Preference problem.

2.6 : (07 April 03)
- Enhanced the security of the code with root privileges.
- New throughput management natively computed in KB/s. Better accuracy.
- Fix a problem when not all ipfw rules were created because of a privilege problem.
- Fix a problem where carrafix freezed.
- New error messages when no route is found.
- Fix a crash at launch due to a preference file problem.
- Better Services recognization.
- Slight speed optimization.

// previous releases have been suppressed.

CarraFix is considered deprecated since much better P2P applications have emerged since then (Bittorrent applications for example) and include an upload regulator

Download still available by clicking here!