Photo Boost
Beautify, enhance 
and make fun of your pictures!

Photo Boost let you emphasize your photos by converting to black and white while preserving some colored areas of your choice.
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Pinch and rotate to bump and twirl your friend faces.
Also work on cats :)
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  Boost your Photos
Photo Boost includes four photo effects that let you manipulate and polish your images with incredible results !

for iPhone, iPod touch & iPads

Distort and colorize your images with multitouch. You can twirl, stretch, colorize, or add depth of field to your images! 

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Have fun with deforming your friend faces and share your art on Twitter and Facebook.
Make your photos look like professional photos with depth of field. Paint the area to focus with your fingers. This also allows to create tilt-shift like photography. 
A simple way to quickly enhance your pictures.